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Starbucks Supports Therapy Dogs in Hungary

Starbucks received a total of 1,884 posts to the "Hug Your Dog" social media campaign on the occasion of World Hug Your Dog Day, as a result of which the world-famous coffee chain will donate HUF 942,000 worth of therapeutic development tools, dog food, and dietary supplements to the Doktor Mancsok Foundation. The company supports the work of the foundation with various campaigns throughout the year.

Starbucks launched its initiative on social media asking its followers to upload a photo with their pooch using the hashtag #cuddleyourdog. Starbucks charged HUF 500 for each photo uploaded and will donate the money raised to the Doktor Mancsok Foundation. The campaign closed on 9 April 2021, with a total of 1,884 posts from enthusiastic followers.

The Doktor Mancsok Foundation was established to provide therapy dogs to educational and social institutions, where they can help to improve the development, healing, and quality of life of children, adults, and elderly people with disabilities. The Foundation's staff carries out therapeutic work in several municipalities, educational institutions, and rehabilitation centres. The number of therapy dogs and the number of institutions participating in the program is constantly growing and expanding.

Starbucks is delighted to see the power of empathy, teamwork, and community to support such an important cause. "It is a great feeling to know that our followers, the Hungarian Starbucks community, are such exceptional people. We have proven that together we can do great things. The Doktor Mancsok Foundation is doing extremely important work, and Starbucks is delighted to continue to support them," said Fanni Kerek, Brand Manager for Starbucks Hungary.


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