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For the fifth time, the Szentkirályi Talent Programme is launched, which, with the professional support of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and together with the programme's ambassador, the Olympic champion gymnast Krisztián Berki, seeks the most talented Hungarian junior athletes to help them fulfil their sporting careers. This year, the revamped programme invites applications from young athletes aged 14-18 who excel in any summer Olympic sport, to support the development of one of them with HUF 2 million.

Women still face a range of barriers to reaching their full potential. The World Economic Forum projects that the time to close the gender parity gap is now 132 years, up from 100 years pre-pandemic. Numerous studies demonstrate that enabling greater participation of women in businesses, communities and economies delivers measurable benefits for business, the economy, and society. In the workplace, business teams with equal gender representation outperform male-dominated teams on sales and profits and gender-diverse teams make better business decisions .   

Mars, one of the world's leading manufacturers of confectionery, chocolate, food and pet food, is on a mission to have 100% of all leadership teams globally gender balanced, by introducing inclusive processes, programmes, initiatives and is encouraging other companies to do the same.  The company believes that supporting women to reach their full potential, would create benefits not just for women, and those around of them, but also for the growth and success of the businesses – as highlighted by the company's Full Potential action programme. That is why Mars is taking action with policies and practices to improve representation while ensuring that company continues to pay Associates equitably. Currently 43% of Mars leaders globally are women. Mars in Central European is already having more than 45% women in senior management roles.

What needs to change so that more women can fulfil their potential?

This was one of the main questions for Mars 2021 in its campaign called #HereToBeHeard. More than 10,000 women shared their deeply personal stories, calling for systemic change they want to see from their employers, governments, communities, and men to break down the barriers they face. For instance, some of these recommendations were to provide greater support for ambition and put an end to systemic discrimination and harmful gender stereotypes.

Blind CVs

Equal opportunities are essential not only for existing associates but also for new recruits. As early as 2000, a study** was carried out which highlights the importance of this. In a symphony orchestra audition, many more female musicians were selected than in previous years, when the audition committee listened to the applicants "blind" from behind a screen. A blind CV is therefore an excellent way to give everyone a fair chance during the selection process. The point of this type of CV is that it does not include any personal information about the applicant's gender, age, marital status or ethnicity, but focuses instead on employment history, experience, skills and interests.


„We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all. Through initiatives such as the blind CVs introduced in recruitment in 2023, we ensure a fair and non-biased selection process that focuses solely on qualifications and experience. This approach promotes creativity, innovation and efficiency, which is highly beneficial from a business perspective and helps to create an inclusive environment for all," said Daria Maslovskaia, People & Organisation Director at Mars Central Europe.

Flexible working arrangements

In #HereToBeHeard campaign, many women cited a need for greater work/life balance, with mothers in particular calling out the challenge of balancing personal responsibilities and paid work, with little flexibility around working hours, location, and expectations. Increased flexibility and support at work can empower women to stay in the workforce by enabling them to balance their personal and professional schedules instead of forcing them to choose one over the other. That is why Mars offers flexible work options such as remote work, flexible hours, part-time roles, reduced hours, or job sharing.

Allyship with men is important

Male leaders should play an active role in supporting women at workplaces. As allies and advocates for diversity and inclusion, male leaders can challenge traditional norms and break down systemic barriers at working environment. Mars Central Europe is not only proud to have more than 45% women in senior management roles, but also to have male leaders who actively promotes inclusion and diversity.

“I personally believe that for fostering a diverse, inclusive and thriving work culture, it's crucial for men to step up and become allies. It's not just about promoting inclusion and diversity; it's about nurturing individual talents, something that's particularly close to my heart. I strive to lead by example, mentor our associates and more importantly to inspire them to do the same," said Brian Ayling, General Manager in Mars Central Europe, who contributes to equal opportunities for all every day.


Social responsibility through brands


Equal opportunities efforts within companies are not enough to create a more inclusive world.  Brands and advertisers have a responsibility to help create a more equal world by producing “unstereotyped” content that portrays all individuals as authentic, multidimensional, and empowered. Mars use brands and communications materials to challenge discrimination and negative stereotypes of women with progressive, nontraditional portrayals that drive positive change. For instance, MALTESERS brand aim is to help women build resilience by laughing together through the tough stuff. No matter who we are, or how tough the subject, with the right outlook, the heavy stuff needn’t keep us down. Its latest campaign is a celebration of women who reject the status quo and live life at their own pace. 


Let's celebrate International Women's Day together and stand together for a better world tomorrow, where society is inclusive.


* Forecast based on UN Secretary-General António Guterres' statement of 6 March 2023

Emirates Beauty Hub in Dubai has been a popular addition to the many lavish lifestyle benefits offered to Emirates cabin crew, with ongoing masterclasses, brand collaborations and consultations available on a complimentary basis. Recently, Emirates cabin crew were treated to a complimentary skincare and make-up masterclass with professional make-up artists and Dior products.

During the 2-hour sessions, cabin crew attending the recent complimentary masterclasses were offered advice on how to create a perfect base for make-up, with skincare that keeps the skin hydrated while travelling. Make-up artists then helped the attendees to select the right shades and products for their complexion, while talking about the latest trends for brows and blush, and top tips to create the signature Emirates look; glowing skin, naturally defined eyes and the essential ‘Emirates red’ lip.

As part of continued investment into the world-class Emirates Cabin Crew experience, Emirates Beauty Hub is open 5 days a week serving more than 21,000 cabin crew based in Dubai. The immersive beauty experience offers an in-house team of consultants with whom cabin crew can book personalised appointments to learn about make-up application, nutrition, fitness, skincare, haircare tips, or attend the complimentary group events and masterclass’ series.

In addition to empowering all recruits to best represent the iconic Emirates brand, the world’s largest international airline offers cabin crew the opportunity to travel to over 150 cities across 85 countries. Emirates cabin crew enjoy a wide array of world-class benefits including a tax-free salary, hotel stays, free accommodation, transportation to and from work, medical, life and dental insurance coverage, and discounted flights for the cabin crew and their family and friends, amongst many others.

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