Every year, Starbucks organizes its Barista Championship, which gives the company's best coffee masters the opportunity to showcase their talents. This year, Hungary's best baristas were once again able to compete in person, at the national final of the five-round championship on August 2, 2022, at the Starbucks Király utca store. The jury of the company's coffee masters was helped by Dóra Szabó-Thalmeiner, gastro influencer, to select the best coffee expert. The local competition was won by the Kenya-born Hellen Omollo, who thus gets a chance to represent the country in the international final in Milan.

Starbucks pays special attention to the professional development of its partners and offers several opportunities for them to show their talent. In addition to further training, the Barista Championship is organized every year, where the company's best coffee masters compare their skills. After the break in 2020, the company organized the competition virtually in 2021, which will return this year in a hybrid form. From the personal, local rounds, national champions were selected from 44 countries, including the Hungarian winner Hellen Omollo.

The best 10 coffee masters selected from among them will compete in Milan on October 27, 2022, the brand will broadcast the grand final live.

One of the basic principles of Starbucks is that, in addition to quality ingredients, an important component of a delicious coffee is the attention with which a good barista prepares and serves it. In addition to proper roasting and the harmony of quality components, drinking coffee is a real experience. This is why the coffee chain created the title of coffee master and created its own corresponding course. Every year it provides its baristas with the opportunity to share their experiences and compare their skills at the Barista Championship.

"The love of coffee is common in all of our partners, but the knowledge and experience of our coffee masters also stand out among them and embody the most important values of Starbucks. Small attentions, mutual respect and demandingness are habits that we can use to brighten up other people's day. - said Kerek Fanni, the brand manager of Starbucks in Hungary. - I saw these qualities in the competitors in this year's finals as well, and Hellen Omollo was able to stand out from the best with his/her knowledge of coffee culture and creative use of recipes. We are proud to work with him/her and support him/her in everything in the international rounds."

The national finals of the championship were preceded by a café unit round and a district round. At the Hungarian final held in Starbucks Gozsdu, the participants had to complete 3 tasks. For the first part, baristas were able to share their personal stories about their passion for coffee and their own Starbucks journey. The contestants then prepared their favorite Starbucks coffee using the brewing method of their choice and presented it to the jury members during a guided tasting. Finally, the baristas had to prepare two caffe lattes and a flat white with latte art of their choice on top: a rosette, tulip or swan.

"The whole competition was a great experience, starting from the first round. I love coffee, in all its forms, so it is a special opportunity that I could become a coffee master with the help of Starbucks and continue to train myself - said Hellen Omollo, Starbucks' 2022 Hungarian Barista Champion. "It's a great honor to have the possibility to represent Hungary in the international round, I hope to get into the top 10 and return home with lasting experiences in October."

ABOUT YOU, YOOX NET-A-PORTER and ZALANDO are teaming up and taking action with a shared aim to reduce carbon emissions within their value chains and across the fashion industry. The three online retailers are launching an online learning platform to support their brand partners in setting targets aligned with science to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The work forms a critical part of the retailers’ own respective climate journeys, with each having already set ambitious reduction targets themselves through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

The customised program will be available to ABOUT YOU, YOOX NET-A-PORTER and ZALANDO brand partners at no cost and is designed to educate them on the value and process of climate targets. It will provide step-by step learning on how to unlock the complex journey of measuring emissions, set ambitious targets that align with climate science, and submit them for approval to the Science Based Targets initiative. It will also provide a dedicated space for fashion brands to engage with one another and sustainability experts.

While each of the three online retailers is committed to reducing their own direct emissions significantly, between 70% to 90% of the fashion footprint comes from upstream supply chain activities, such as material production, preparation, and processing. The initiative, therefore, serves two main goals: to scale climate action across the industry for a broader impact and systems transformation, whilst also contributing to the reduction of the three online retailers’ own value chain (Scope 3) emissions.

Amid calls for industry players to take ambitious climate action, science-based targets validated by the SBTi are internationally recognised and provide companies with clearly defined pathways to reduce their carbon emissions while future-proofing growth, adapting to a changing regulatory landscape, boosting investor confidence, and spurring innovation.

“We see an industry-changing momentum in aligning greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways with science. More than 1,500 companies had their targets approved by the SBTi as of July 2022. We have set science-based targets approved by the SBTi and are benefitting from our efforts now. 46.6% of our partners on greenhouse gas emissions had their targets approved by February 2022. We invite the remaining business partners to do the same”, stated Hannes Wiese, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at ABOUT YOU.

Our commitment to climate action can only be realised through innovative partnership. This next step prioritises investing in brand partners at different stages in their climate journeys, supporting them to set their science-based targets. By collaborating with ABOUT YOU and ZALANDO, together we can drive a more consistent approach in our efforts towards reducing the emissions of luxury and fashion”, said Geoffroy Lefebvre, CEO at YOOX NET-A-PORTER.

“Decarbonizing supply chains in partnership with suppliers, brands, logistics, packaging partners and now also our competitors is a powerful lever for driving meaningful change in the fashion industry. We

aim for 90% of our partners (by emissions) to set science-based targets by 2025, and the new learning

platform is a key initiative towards realising this ambitious goal”, says David Schneider, Co-CEO at


The initiative, which is antitrust-compliant and run in collaboration with Quantis, a leading environmental sustainability consultancy with climate expertise, will be launched as a pilot with selected brand partners in Autumn 2022. In 2023, it will become available to any eligible brand partners. Looking forward, the three online retailers see potential for the platform to become an industry-wide initiative open to all interested fashion brands and retailers committed to ambitious climate action and creating a more sustainable future for fashion.

Bustanica has opened the doors to the world’s largest hydroponic farm, backed by an investment of US$40m. The facility is the first vertical farm for Emirates Crop One, the joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC), one of the world’s largest catering operations serving more than 100 airlines, and Crop One, an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming.

Located near Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central, the 330,000sqft facility is geared to produce more than 1,000,000 kilograms of high-quality leafy greens annually, while requiring 95% less water than conventional agriculture. At any point in time, the facility grows in excess of 1m cultivars (plants), which will provide an output of 3,000 kgs per day.

Bustanica is driven by powerful technology – machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced methods – and a highly specialised in-house team that includes agronomy experts, engineers, horticulturists and plant scientists. A continuous production cycle ensures the produce is super fresh and clean, and grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

Passengers on Emirates and other airlines can look forward to forking these delicious leafy greens, including lettuces, arugula, mixed salad greens, and spinach, onboard their flights from July. Bustanica is not just revolutionising salads in the sky – UAE consumers will soon be able to add these greens to their shopping carts at the nearest supermarkets. Bustanica also plans to expand into the production and sale of fruits and vegetables.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline and Group said: "Long-term food security and self-sufficiency are vital to the economic growth of any country, and the UAE is no exception. We’ve specific challenges in our region, given the limitations around arable land and climate. Bustanica ushers in a new era of innovation and investments, which are important steps for sustainable growth and align with our country’s well-defined food and water security strategies.

"Emirates Flight Catering constantly invests in the latest technologies to delight customers, optimise operations, and minimise our environmental footprint. Bustanica helps secure our supply chain, and ensures our customers can enjoy locally sourced, nutritious produce. By bringing production closer to consumption, we’re reducing the food journey from farm to fork. Congratulations to the Bustanica team for their remarkable achievements so far and for setting global standards and benchmarks in agronomy."

Craig Ratajczyk, Chief Executive Officer, Crop One said: "After significant planning and construction, and navigating the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, we’re thrilled to celebrate this tremendous milestone alongside our joint venture partner, Emirates Flight Catering. It’s our mission to cultivate a sustainable future to meet global demand for fresh, local food, and this first large format farm is the manifestation of that commitment. This new facility serves as a model for what’s possible around the globe."

The farm’s closed-loop system is designed to circulate water through the plants to maximise water usage and efficiency. When the water vaporises, it is recovered and recycled into the system, saving 250m litres of water every year compared to traditional outdoor farming for the same output.

Bustanica will have zero impact on the world’s threatened soil resources, an incredibly reduced reliance on water and year-round harvests unhampered by weather conditions and pests. Consumers buying Bustanica’s greens from supermarkets can eat it straight from the bag – even washing can damage the leaves and introduce contaminants.