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Starbucks Continues To Be Planet-Positive

In 2021, Starbucks Hungary took further steps towards a more sustainable future. The brand’s volunteers contributed to the planting of 2.4 acres of land in collaboration with the Community Forests Foundation last year. The café chain has been cooperating with the locally-developed food rescue company, Munch since May 2021, helping to reduce food waste. The brand will continue its planet-positive initiatives this year and take further steps to strengthen the connection with its local communities.

Corporate social responsibility has been a priority for Starbucks since its founding 51 years ago. Last year, the chain operated in Hungary by the company AmRest, supported a number of initiatives that contribute to a more inclusive and open future. In the spring, on the occasion of Poetry Day, the open call themed Good to see you! received more than 100 applicants. In May, on the "Embrace Your Dog!" World Day Starbucks Hungary announced an open call on social media to which a total of 1,884 posts were submitted, as a result of which the world-famous café chain donated therapeutic development equipment, dog food and food supplements to the Doctor Paws Foundation. In autumn, the brand organized exhibitions of Hungarian paintings and photographs in 11 Hungarian cafés. The proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated to the Child Rescue Foundation to purchase a new ambulance vehicle.

Sustainability and environmentally consciousness are one of Starbucks’s strategic pillars globally. That is why the brand in Hungary has also taken concrete planet-positive steps, aiming at fighting both food and plastic waste. Last year, the café chain joined the Hungarian-developed food rescue company Munch, which helps to reduce waste by offering its customers to buy unsold food at up to 60% discount, and thus – saving it.

In addition to that, last September, in partnership with the Community Forests Foundation (MyForest), Starbucks Hungary has taken another step towards a greener future. In order to encourage guests to choose green solutions, Starbucks has increased the price of a single-use plastic or paper drink sold in all its stores by twenty forints across the country, donating this additional cost to the Community Forest Foundation (MyForest). Through the collaboration, Starbucks volunteers also contributed to the planting of the 2.4-acre site.

The café chain’s plans for 2022 include a further work for sustainable development, searching even more environmentally conscious solutions, and a stronger role for social responsibility in its operations. In 2022, the brand will focus on emphasizing the importance of togetherness and cooperation, creating valuable moments of connection with its guests and local communities.


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