The most popular winter Starbucks drinks, Toffee Nut Latte and Gingerbread Latte are now available in a vegan version, too.

Unicum presents its brand new product, the Unicum Barista, a smooth and rich blend of arabica coffee and traditional Unicum, aged in oak casks. Unicum will only be available in selected restaurants and bars in the upcoming months.

FLOW PR organized a memorable event to showcase the latest collection of the popular Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven. Numerous lifestyle, fashion, outdoor journalists and influencers joined our event.

No matter how cold the wind blows, how deep the snow gets or what the chilly damp and misty days have in store for us – outdoors is where Fjällräven wants to be. There might be days when the weather is non-permitting, but generally, at Fjällräven, there is no such thing as ’off season’. In fact, this time of year, when days are shorter, the Swedish outdoor brand believes that it’s even more important to get out, breathe that fresh air and indulge with nature. Just be sure to come prepared.

Fall and winter in the outdoors is a season when the gear you use will make all the difference. This is where 60 years of knowledge and experience comes in. Fjällräven knows how to keep you warm when everything around you is cold.

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