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Starbucks Coffee Poets competition is announced for the sixth time. On this occasion, the café chain is presenting a Spotify list, on which you can listen to the poems of all the previous finalists. The 2024 theme of the competition is "Generations among each other" to encourage a dialogue between generations with different mindsets. Poets can apply between February 20 and March 24. During the competition Starbucks cooperates for the third time with the Young Writers Association (FISZ), who provide the winner with the opportunity to participate in their summer camp.

"It fills us with great joy that we can organize our literary competition for the sixth time this year. In addition, the current theme is extremely close to the Starbucks experience. Our slogan "It's good to be here" also says that our cafés welcome with open doors those who like pleasant conversations, those who come for friendly or business meetings, those who want quiet solitude or just learning together, those who want to get to know each other and those who want to talk, regardless of generation. Based on the experience of the past five years, we are confident that creative and valuable poems will be submitted to our competition, which will really highlight the importance of dialogue between generations," said Fanni Nyéki, the brand manager of Starbucks Hungary, who also added – ”The coffee chain has a new surprise this year: we are preparing a Spotify list on which you can listen to the poems of all the previous finalists, performed by the poet Lili Hanna Seres.

All enthusiastic writers can participate in the Starbucks Coffee Poets poetry competition, with a literary work written in Hungarian, not yet published in print, or never made public in any other form, with a maximum length of 4,000 characters. Applicants can send the application material between February 20, 2024 and midnight on March 24, 2024 as an online document and in a video message - where the author performs their poem - to starbucks[@]

One of the major trends we have seen across e-commerce over the past year is the ever-increasing popularity of fast and accurate same-day delivery, which will become the standard over the next few years. Customers will routinely demand it from online retailers across all segments, and what's more, they won't want to pay more for it than they are used to now with regular delivery. This trend requires the most efficient planning and maximum use of available resources. Fortunately, the logistics sector is becoming increasingly technologically advanced thanks to the ubiquitous influence of artificial intelligence, and the last year has brought some major shifts to meet shoppers' needs and wants. What trends are driving the logistics industry and what can we expect to see in the delivery segment in the coming years?

Even better planning with AI and the integration of alternative vehicles and trolleys Artificial intelligence was one of the main topics in 2023 and this trend has not escaped the logistics industry, where it is becoming an increasingly important element of the overall technology solution. For efficient logistics operations, the rise of AI and machine-learning is a major milestone, because with the help of advanced modelling it is becoming easier to efficiently allocate adequate numbers of vehicles and couriers for a given area and to plan routes to account not only for the current situation, but also for the development of the next hours and days. This contributes not only to greater availability for customers, but also to a more environmentally friendly and smoother urban traffic.

"Last year, we were able to launch an advanced AI Predictor, which is able to predict customer orders in a given area two weeks in advance based on data collected with the help of artificial intelligence, with accuracy down to specific hours and an error rate that consistently manages to stay below 10%. So we are no longer just planning for what's happening, but we can also operate according to what's yet to happen. The impact on efficiency and planning is huge for a company of our size," says DODO Group Commercial Director Peter Menky, adding: "The importance of advanced data analytics and working with future modelling will continue to grow and logistics companies will be able to make increasingly informed decisions, which will lead to, among other things, increased speed without visibly making the service substantially more expensive."

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing new opportunities in alternative vehicle deployment. The ability to reliably predict the composition and location of orders in a specific urban area will allow a logistics company to deploy the right mix of transport vehicles at any given time - be it drones, robotic vehicles, cargo bikes, electric scooters or even river vessels. It is therefore to be expected that the limit for the deployment of alternative means of transport in the foreseeable future will no longer be legislation or the technology of the vehicles themselves, but rather the ability to allocate them in such a way as to achieve the desired effect in terms of cost and sustainability. As the complexity of goods and means of transport increases, so too will the complexity of delivery schemes, which will have to take into account the different carrying capacities of the vehicles, their battery range, their usability in the environment, etc.

Consolidation of demand and blurring of boundaries between logistics segments

Customer pressure for the best possible follow-up service is a clear trend across e-commerce. E-commerce customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based not only on the price and parameters of the goods themselves, but also on the speed and quality of delivery. According to Behavio's survey data, 75% of respondents declare that speed of delivery is an important parameter for them when making a purchase decision. In addition, for almost a third of shoppers, the sustainability of the logistics itself is also crucial when making a purchasing decision. One of the ways in which the delivery of shipments in cities will be made faster and more efficient is through the concept of zonal logistics, which breaks down the boundaries between individual logistics operations and works on the principle of sharing vehicles and orders within a certain area.

ORLEN has arrived to Hungary one year ago to the day and has quickly become one of the country's leading filling station networks. ORLEN has established its position on the Hungarian market and is preparing for further growth and development. In the twelve months since its launch, the largest multi-energy company in Central and Eastern Europe has introduced a number of innovations tailored to the needs of its customers, and these will be further developed going forward. Thanks to its quality fuel range, delicious coffees in the gastro concept Stop Cafe, DESPAR food outlets and the individual discounts available on the ORLEN mobile app, more and more people are choosing the company's service stations, and its visibility is being further enhanced by exciting prize draws and sports sponsorship activities.

The network was launched on the Hungarian market on 1st December 2022 and now operates 78 service stations, with a further 64 filling stations to be taken over by mid-2024. With 142 stations by mid-2024, ORLEN will become one of the four leading players in the market and its white eagle logo on a red background is becoming increasingly familiar to drivers. On the occasion of the one-year anniversary, Jaroslaw Szeliga, ORLEN's Managing Director in Hungary, sums up the past year: ’I am very proud of our achievements so far and of the fact that we have managed to make Hungarian customers love our products and services in such a short time. Our aim is to continue on this path of growth and development and to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our services.’

One of the company's most attractive features for customers is its quality fuel range, which includes both standard EFECTA fuels, which help the engine to run efficiently, and premium VERVA fuels, which have a special formulation. In November this year, ORLEN introduced new premium-quality fuels that help vehicles to operate optimally in the cold winter months. The renewed VERVA 100 premium petrol now contains ETBE additive instead of added bioethanol, which both protects the internal components of the car and guarantees smooth operation even in the cold winter months. VERVA Diesel's new formulation reduces emissions and makes cold starts easier, even at -26 degrees Celsius.

ORLEN stands out in the market not only with quality fuel but also with high quality services, says Jaroslaw Szeliga: ’With our DESPAR grocery stores, which are now available at 61 stations nationwide, motorists can save time and money by combining refuelling and shopping. What's more, DESPAR stores' opening hours are aligned with those of the service stations, so shopping is no longer an obstacle, even on public holidays or late at night.’

ORLEN's own research shows that quality coffee and tasty foods at a filling station influence motorists' choices. The research shows that one in three drivers consider these services to be essential at a service station. With this need in mind, the company launched its Stop.Cafe restaurant concept in Hungary this September, which is already well-known and popular in many European countries, offering creative, healthy and affordable sandwiches combining local traditions and international gastronomic influences alongside popular hot-dog variations. Stop.Cafe not only offers great food and Fair-Trade® coffee, but also provides a place for people on the road to meet and recharge.

ORLEN is a modern and dynamic company, for which the overriding goal is development and care for customers. ORLEN consistently expands its portfolio of fuel cards and fleet services, and cares for the development of already functioning products so that each company finds a reliable product that meets its needs. The offer includes a variety of solutions tailored to the requirements and expectations of a given company - its size, number and types of vehicles, business profile, as well as the amount of fuel tanked. The fleet card provides the convenience of cashless fuel purchases, at ORLEN stations. A free portal, simplified electronic invoicing and deferred payment terms will allow you to easily manage your fleet and maintain full control over expenses.

This year, Hungarian customers were also able to meet ORLEN in connection with two major international sporting events, where fans were able to visit the domestic races in person. In May, the company sponsored the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix international cycling race, which started in Hungary and continued in Slovakia and Poland after the two Hungarian stages, where Hungary was represented by the national U23 team.

In addition, ORLEN became a Principal Sponsor of the Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula 1 racing team at the beginning of this year. ’Motorsport is particularly attractive for the Hungarian market. In the county, one in three customers entering a filling station is a racing fan, and more than 30 percent of our own customers explicitly support ORLEN's Formula 1 sponsorship.’ - comments Jaroslaw Szeliga.

In July, leading up to the home Grand Prix, fans were able to see the original race car on display at two ORLEN service stations. In addition, at an exclusive press event organised by ORLEN Hungary, Scuderia AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda and team principal Franz Tost paid tribute to the newly rebuilt service station at the M3 Jakabpuszta rest stop before the race.

In addition to fuel, ORLEN also surprised its customers with prize draws. The company's first prize draw was also linked to the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix, with those who filled up with at least 20 litres of fuel at ORLEN stations winning a pair of tickets to the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. After that, 10 Vespa Primavera RED 50 scooters were given away. In addition to daily and weekly prizes, customers who fill up with at least 25 litres in the current prize draw can also play for a brand-new Porsche Macan.

In addition to the games for valuable prizes, discounts on the downloadable smartphone app make the service stations even more attractive. Customers can take advantage of the permanent 10 Ft/l discount at any time for refuelling over 20 liters. This freedom, and the fact that the discount can be used up to four times a month, is particularly popular with motorists.

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