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Karcsika is the star of our new podcast

MSD AH’s podcast series hosted by András Sváby addresses issues in pet ownership.

András Sváby, and his faithful co-presenter Karcsika, from broadcast to broadcast discuss responsible pet ownership and the diseases and other threats that affect our pets, with the help of veterinarians recognized in the profession in the MSD Animal Health's educational podcast series, called Kisállatorvos Podcast Sváby Andrással. Monthly broadcasts of the series are available on Spotify, Buzzprout and YouTube. MSD Animal Health's raises awareness among pet owners about the importance of regular veterinary check-ups and the role of year-round protection for our pets. Recognizing and treating diseases as soon as possible is also important because many infections are zoonoses, i.e. diseases that are transmitted from animal to human. In addition to the informative content and entertaining conversation, the hearts of the audience were immediately captivated by András Sváby's dog, Karcsika, who as co-host is responsible for the good mood and happiness.


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