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Sustainable Delivery on Lake Balaton with DoDo

Food order is delivered by electric jetskis to those sailing in the middle of Lake Balaton.

DoDo, a provider of artificial intelligence-based logistics solutions, has tested its new waterborne food delivery service on Lake Balaton. Food orders were delivered from restaurants along the shore to the sailing boats in an environmentally friendly way using Narke's zero-emission electric jet, the world's first electric jet ski.

Without having to go to the harbour, sailors who tried the water delivery service, launched by DoDo in test operation this weekend, could pick up their food orders in the middle of Lake Balaton. The Czech startup was looking for a partner to implement the pilot project, which could provide an environmentally friendly solution for order delivery. In addition to the company's strict sustainability requirements, this is also essential to protect Lake Balaton. DoDo chose Narke, the developer of the world's first electrojet designed for mass production. The Hungarian company, founded on the shores of Lake Balaton, is committed to protecting the lake and its wildlife, and their next-generation, all-electric Cyberjet is zero-emission and does not pollute the air or water.


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