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New trends in the courier market

The number of orders for large products that require special logistics solutions has significantly increased, according to DoDo’s trend report.

In order to meet customer demand, DODO, a provider of smart logistics solutions, is further expanding its e-commerce delivery portfolio besides grocery and hot-meal delivery. Large and overweight sports equipment ordered online from Hervis stores in Hungary can now be delivered the same day, thanks to DODO's new “two-man” logistics service.

The digitalization of the retail sector will continue to grow in the coming years, stimulating further development of transport services. Even for oversized and heavy goods, there is a growing consumer demand for same-day delivery of products ordered online. Consumers are increasingly buying online so-called "large white goods" such as refrigerators, washing machines, other large appliances for the home, or large sports equipment such as treadmills, bicycles, ski equipment, and exercise machines. The growth of e-commerce is accompanied by a rise in customer expectations of the quality of the services that accompany it, the most important of which is the speed of delivery.

84% of customers choose an online shop offering faster delivery

According to Perfect Crowd's survey in the Czech Republic, the speed of delivery is a decisive factor for shoppers when choosing between online stores with products at similar prices. 84% of consumers choose the online store offering faster delivery, and the speed of delivery also encourages 90% of respondents to buy again. In contrast, 61% of respondents said that they would rather stop shopping online and not return to the online store after seeing a long delivery time. Building on this consumer trend, DODO, a provider of smart logistics services, has introduced its "two-man" delivery solution to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate home delivery. The same-day delivery service, which requires two couriers to move heavy goods, was first launched in the Czech Republic, primarily for furniture and large electronic equipment, and is now being used in Hungary for deliveries of heavy sports equipment ordered online from Hervis sports stores, for example.

With the new "two-man" delivery service, DODO aims to bring its high-quality smart logistics solutions to areas of e-commerce where traditional delivery services are not sufficient. The company has set a new industry standard in the food and hot-meal delivery segment, working with renowned partners in Hungary such as KFC,, SPAR and ROSSMANN.

"I see the smart logistics of the future in "two-man" delivery solutions. Retailers who want to succeed in the ever-faster e-commerce segment will have to adapt to consumer demands. We have already achieved outstanding results in several segments of logistics, we have significantly changed market norms and we are now opening a new chapter in the delivery of sporting goods, furniture, and large electronics. We have also launched our 'two-man' same-day delivery service in Hungary, which we are looking to roll out to other countries in the European market" said Peter Menky, Chief Commercial Officer of DODO.

"Delivery at a specific hour on the day of the order is a service that customers have quickly become accustomed to with food deliveries. With the spectacular growth of e-commerce, customers now want to receive large items ordered online as soon as possible. Even at the most popular furniture chains, customers sometimes have to wait several days for the ordered item, and even then, they have to pay a considerable surcharge for the delivery of overweight items. DODO has always been a trendsetter with its smart logistics solutions, and now we want to change the market with fast, accurate and convenient delivery of oversized parcels", added Károly Sáfár, DODO's representative in Hungary.


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