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Introducing Hanwag's 100th anniversary models

FLOW PR has been planning and implementing an integrated campaign to celebrate Hanwag’s 100th anniversary and to introduce its its 2021 jubilee hiking boots models.

Exactly 100 years ago, Hans Wagner started making shoes. Or to be more precise: boots. He enjoyed wearing them up in the mountains. A lot. And on a regular basis. Hans Wagner’s mountain boots had to be robust. And resoleable. After all, the hardwearing leather used to stitch the uppers would not wear out. It was only the soles that would wear down over time.

This is why double stitching – with its characteristic two rows of stitches that are visible from the outside – was the preferred construction technique in his shoemaker’s workshop. It meant that the sole could be removed relatively easily once it was worn out, and then replaced by a new one. This meant that the costly, robust leather upper could still give years of service. Hanwag is using exactly the same construction and a particularly robust full-grain leather to make its 2021 jubilee models – in a limited edition with embossed individual serial numbering.

In Hanwag’s 100th anniversary year, the company plans to make some 400,000 pairs of boots and shoes in Croatia and Hungary and to continue production at the company’s headquarters in Vierkirchen.


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