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Fjällräven introduces SAMLAREN

New adventures for leftover fabrics

Fjällräven is proud to introduce Samlaren, an exciting initiative that gives new life to surplus material through innovative use of leftover fabric. Samlaren will feature unique collectible products that will be released in recurring, limited capsule collections. In the Spring of 2021 Fjällräven will launch Samlaren – Swedish for “the Gatherer”.

A new concept rooted in Fjällräven´s commitment to quality and tradition of not letting resources go to waste. The idea behind Samlaren is to create an initiative for sustainability and innovation with the mission to explore circularity and create inspiration for a better and more sustainable future.

All products bearing the Samlaren badge are created using leftover fabrics from Fjällräven’s mills and factories, carefully combined, in numbered limited editions with unique designs and playful colour combinations. All pieces offer the same high level of functionality, durability and reliability that can be expected from any Fjällräven product but with upcycled materials and elevated design. The first Samlaren product drop is a curated collection of re-invented classics made out of surplus G-1000 fabric, including the classic Greenland Jacket in colour block patchwork, the iconic Kånken backpack and updated versions of the tote bag and cap.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

Henrik Andersson, Global Creative Director at Fjällräven is responsible for the design of Samlaren. He describes: “The idea is to turn a problem into an opportunity and find new use for leftover material. I like the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and with Samlaren we are turning our own ‘trash’ into treasured pieces.”

Christiane Dolva Törnberg, Head of Sustainability at Fjällräven adds: “With Samlaren our ambition is to find new use for existing leftover material and not let anything go to waste. By integrating sustainability as a vital part of the concept we open up for new innovative ideas”.

Fjällräven - a history of circular innovations

Sustainability and innovation has always been at the core of Fjällräven. In 1964 founder Åke Nordin stowed away a roll of fabric that didn’t make the cut during the develop ment of his ground-breaking Thermo Tent. A few years later, the very same roll of fabric was used to make the first legendary Greenland Jacket. In the Spring of 2021 Fjällräven takes further steps on this journey with the introduction of Samlaren, a new sustainable initiative rooted in Fjällräven’s heritage and spirit of innovation.


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