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Business Icon Opens Health & Spa Center

The first Vízangyal Health & Beauty Center opened its doors in the centre of the BudaPart district, combining modern urban attractions and closeness to nature. The lifestyle centre offers mineral water-based Vízangyal products, a variety of treatments and an exclusive café.

Levente Balogh, who has made Szentkirályi mineral water a market leader, entered the beauty market last year with his Vízangyal cosmetic product range of Szentkirályi mineral water-based products. As the next step in promoting a health-conscious and balanced lifestyle, the businessman launched the Vízangyal Health & Beauty franchise system, the first lifestyle centre of which opened in March this year in the BudaPart district. The facility, which is dedicated to the physical and mental replenishment of guests and to proper hydration, offers beauty treatments, pilates and yoga classes, a showroom and a Beauty Café. The mineral water-based treatments and products are unique both domestically and internationally, and the franchise is planned to be launched not only in Hungary but also in major cities abroad, with the first launch in Dubai this year.


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