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Black Cats Also Need Loving Owners

In Hungary, there are around 2 million cats and 3 million dogs living as pets, and we celebrate them at the beginning and end of August. But this month also marks the hundreds of thousands of orphaned pets who have been denied the comfort and peace of home. Mars, which distributes popular pet food brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas, has been committed for a long time to supporting homeless, stray pets, with a key focus on helping animal shelters and encouraging adoption - in line with its purpose to create a Better World for Pets

Would you like a furry friend? - Consider adopting one in the first place

In Hungary, most shelters are overcapacity, while the number of adoptions has fallen. Taking in or rescuing a shelter pet not only significantly improves the quality of life of the animal, but also helps the shelter by providing a place for another cat or dog in need. Another advantage of adoption is that the shelter staff know the animals in their care well, so they can help find a companion that best suits the prospective owner's home, personality and lifestyle. At present, black pets are the least likely to find a new home, and black cats have the worst chance of finding a new home. Many people still associate black cats with bad luck, even though a purring pet - regardless of its coat - can be a good thing for its owner.

The uplifting influence of cats and dogs: Both can bring joy to our lives

A survey conducted earlier this year as part of Whiskas' #Iamacatperson initiative found that the biggest benefit of having a cat is the daily companionship these independent and strong personality pets provide (76%), while nearly as many people believe that their proximity has a stress-relieving, calming effect (70%). The majority of cat owners also agree that having a pet has improved not only their quality of life, but also their mental health.

On the other hand, dogs are called man's best friend for a reason, and their companionship can also have a positive impact on their owners' wellbeing. As loyal pets, dogs never let down those they reward with their love. That's why our four-legged friends deserve to be celebrated on the approaching International World Dog Day, 26 August, and to find families for as many of them as possible.

"We believe that all pets deserve a loving home, which is why we place great emphasis on supporting and educating those who care for them. And the opportunity to help a shelter is now open to everyone, whether it's through financial supportort or volunteering," said Mihaela Negrescu, Senior Portfolio Manager from Mars.

Supporting responsible pet ownership, promoting pet-friendly office concept

One of Mars' objectives is to create a better world for pets, which includes - beside advocating for adoptions-supporting shelters and promoting pet-friendly offices, and educating owners. For more than 10 years, pets have been an integral part of the company's office life. Their presence has been proven to make the workplace more pleasant, increase productivity and reduce stress, and pets are happier and more balanced because they can spend their days close to their owners.

Mars is encouraging other organisations to follow their example and set up pet-friendly offices. To do this, it has put together a publicly available, free background resource with guides and best practices to make it easy to become a pet-friendly workplace.


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