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Winners of Pepsi Space

Fotó: Czika Balázs

Pepsi Space provided young people with the opportunity to unleash their creative energies. The competition was open to entries in four categories - photography, video, graphics and audio - with no specific theme. From over a thousand entries, a jury of competition organisers and three mentors - Cinthya Dictator, T. Danny and Trunk "Dablty" Tamás - selected 20 winners, the youngest of whom is only 14 years old..

The average age of Pepsi Space entrants was 26, and the most popular category was photography, with two thirds of entries, followed by graphics and video, with a similar proportion, and the audio category received over 100 entries. The outstanding entries are a good illustration of how 21st century 'popular' art can represent and transmit value to all generations through its innovative approach, originality of thought and sometimes surprising style.


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