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TIER e-scooters in Budapest now available in Google Maps

Riders will be able to locate nearby TIER e-scooters directly from Google Maps, along with helpful information like a cost estimate and anticipated arrival time. Europe's leading shared micro-mobility provider and Google Maps continue to expand everyone's access to sustainable, easily accessible and multimodal mobility solutions.

The service is already available in Berlin, Hamburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Zurich, Vienna and numerous other European cities. From now on users in Budapest, Utrecht and several Italian cities can find their nearest TIER scooter in the Google Maps app.

Under the tab for cycling directions, users can find the "Your Bike" and "TIER" buttons. By clicking on the TIER button, Google Maps shows the nearest available TIER e-scooters - as well as the walking distance and the charging status of each e-scooter. To start the ride, users are then redirected to the TIER app.

„Our mission to change mobility for good is largely about creating strong partnerships to expand everyone's access to sustainable, easily accessible and multimodal mobility solutions. Through our collaboration with Google, we're creating visibility for TIER scooters within Google Maps and helping to ensure that riders in Budapest have access to the form of transportation that best suits their daily mobility needs" - said Tímea Lendvai, TIER's City Manager in Hungary.

TIER wants to grow further this year TIER launched its e-scooter service in Budapest last September and rapidly became very popular amongst urban dwellers. The environmentally friendly e-scooters are currently available in Budapest in districts I, II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI.XII and XIV and the shared micro-mobility provider is planning to expand its service to more Budapest districts and other Hungarian cities in the near future.

For 2022, TIER has set out to further strengthen its market leadership in Europe and expand into more European cities and countries. With the acquisition of nextbike, and launch of e-bikes in Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands, TIER has expanded its growing range of multimodal mobility solutions. This makes TIER one of the first micro-mobility providers to offer users in certain countries three different types of vehicles in one app.


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