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Starbucks Poetry Contest Is Back!

Starbucks, operated in Hungary by AmRest, is announcing the popular Kávéköltők literary competition to provide emerging talents with the opportunity to present their poems in front of a jury of well-known poets and the public. Cafes have always been important spaces of community life where famous literary works were born. This is why this year the organizers are looking for entries on the topic of "community". The coffee chain will hold the finals of the competition on September 20, on the Day of Culture.

"It is a great pleasure for us to organize the Starbucks Coffee Poets literary competition for the fourth time. Based on the experience and feedback of the past years, we see that there is a great demand for this kind of opportunity, where talents can share their creations with a wider audience, in addition to receiving professional feedback on their work. Every year, we are amazed by the amount of talent and creativity that we meet thanks to the entries, and we eagerly await this year's poems as well," says Kerek Fanni, the Hungarian brand manager of Starbucks.

This year Starbucks partners with the Association of Young WritersMembers of the jury will be Lili Hanna Seres from the association, István Pion, Hungarian poet, slammer, journalist, editor, and Bence Csalár, internationally recognized fashion journalist and creative specialist. The winner of the competition will be selected from among 5 finalists at an event on September 20, the Day of Culture, where the authors will also present their works in person. In addition to professional recognition, the finalists will be given a valuable gift package courtesy of Starbucks and the Association of Young Writers, and the winner will also be able to participate in the association's literary camp next year. The texts and video presentations of the best poems will also appear on Starbucks' online platforms.

"The initiative of Starbucks Kávéköltók, which embraces emerging poets and provides them with the opportunity to introduce themselves to the public, is exemplary. This collaboration is a great pleasure for us, and we are excited to get to know this year's finalists and their works. We hope that this competition will make even more young people fall in love with poetry," says Viktor Pataki, co-chairman of the Young Irish Association.


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