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Pepsi Space: Time to Get Creative!

Pepsi has launched a unique competition for Generation Z. The Pepsi Space campaign will offer applicants from Hungary the freedom and space to show their creativity. There are four categories, and a jury of three well-known mentors and the competition organisers will select 20 winners, who will be invited to an awards ceremony with the opportunity to have their entries featured on Pepsi's public posters and digital platforms.

Entries can be submitted in four categories - photography, graphics, short video and music/soundtrack - without any subject restrictions, so everyone can express themselves in the format that best suits them. Three things count when judging entries: creativity, originality and style.

A panel of judges will be assisted by the Pepsi Space mentors, three celebrities who reach out to the younger generation, influencing them with their art and work, and in many cases serving as role models.

The Pepsi Space competition runs from 1 June 2023 to 31 July 2023 and entries can be uploaded at


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