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NISSIN FOODS Factory Opening Ceremony Event

We organised the opening ceremony of the new factory of NISSIN FOODS Group, the world’s No.1 instant cup noodles seller in the presence of 120 guests in Kecskemét.

 The new, ultramodern Hungarian factory, constructed from a more than HUF 10 billion investment, is the new hub for the company’s European operations. 

Koki Ando, CEO of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD., and Mitsuyuki Nishimori, Executive Director of NISSIN FOODS Ltd. were both present at the grandiose event, officially opening the new factory.

Following the opening speeches and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our VIP guests planted a cherry tree in a Japanese ceremony, symbolising the flourishing opportunities provided by the new factory. 

The good atmosphere was guaranteed by the Infusion Trio, who performed two Japanese songs to honour our guests. 


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