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Lipton x Sziget Festival

Anyone who has been to the Sziget Festival knows that it's hard to choose from the many concerts and programmes, and that you can get tired of wandering between stages and venues. There are two things every group of friends needs at the festival: a meeting point from which to set off on a musical voyage of discovery, and a place to stop for a break between concerts to recharge their batteries. This year, the Lipton Iced Tea Sunshine Spot, next to the Europe Stage, will be the place to be for a refreshing ice tea or cocktail and a playful activity throughout the day.

The rooftop terrace is the ideal place for groups of friends to recharge their batteries in the sunshine, and the bar is the perfect place to try out the new sugar-free mango flavoured green tea. It's a great refreshment on its own, but guests can also try it in one of the iced tea-based alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails - like the Mango on the Beach or the Tea-Time Gimlet - as a cool and flavourful drink is the perfect way to enjoy a good conversation in the summer heat.


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