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Lime pledges to work with the city to bring e-scooters to Budapest

Innovation and micro mobility could bring real benefits to the citizens of Budapest, Paloma Castro Martinez, Lime’s director of international communications, said today during her speech at the city’s SmartX Conference. Lime wants to make it easier for people to move around by providing a swift, easy and sustainable alternative. Ms. Castro explained that the micro mobility solution offered by Lime’s e-scooters can help tackle challenges such as congestion, air pollution and parking difficulties.

Speaking at the 10th SmartX conference organized by IVSZ, Paloma Castro Martinez said:

“We will soon be taking part in Budapest’s “Cities for People” initiative, a great programme that will help us pilot Lime’s scooters and make sure they benefit the city and those who live here.

Before we launch anywhere, we always want to work closely with the relevant local authorities and that’s the approach we want to take here in Budapest. We respect and will listen to local decision makers making sure that we do this correctly. Our aim is to be a long term partner.

Lime believes there’s great appetite and enthusiasm for micro mobility in Budapest. Like in so many other European cities, there are real challenges of congestion, pollution and crowded spaces. However, I’m an urban optimist and believe that by working together with cities and citizens we can bring long term solutions that will help to reimagine our urban environment.

If I come back next year, I’m hoping that I will see many people riding around wonderful Budapest with Lime’s scooters. I’d love for us to be an integral part of how this dynamic and developing city moves.”

Discussions are currently underway with the authorities in Budapest so that Lime fully complies with local regulations.

Lime is rooted in the city and in urban life and is building from street to street a new culture of shared smart micro mobility. The company is present in over 100 cities around the world. Lime e-scooters are equipped with built-in GPS systems and automatic locks. Using the latest wireless technology, users can ride by downloading the Lime smartphone app available for iOs and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play. The app traces the location of the nearest available e-scooter and the rider can unlock it with a smartphone.

One of the great advantages of the e-scooter shared service is that it’s not tied to docking stations. Riders can pick up or drop the scooters almost anywhere in the city using these scooters; it will take only a few minutes to reach Varosliget through Andrassy avenue to Erzsebet square.

Lime’s e-scooters are safe and easy to use, they move with a maximum speed of 25 km/hour. At night the scooters are collected and recharged. Local Lime teams undertake maintenance, recharging and deployment of the fleet in the city.


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