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Healthy Nutrition Campaign Continues

As part of the Firts 1000 Days awareness campaign, we organized a press conference where Dr. István Takács, Director of the 1st Department of Medicine at Semmelweis University introduced a brand new study about early-age nutrition. The study put forward new findings and recommendations about the salience and economic impacts of healthy nutrition for toddlers.

Dr. István Takács presents the key findings of the new research

The awareness campaign targets parents and decision-makers to promote the healthy nutrition of mothers and their young children. Studies found that the first 1000 days following the conception determine to a great extent the adult-age health conditions. The prevention of diabetes, obesity or cardiovasular deseases could be more effective if parents paid more attention to the healthy nutrition in the very early age of their children. According to the estimations of the new study the health costs of these deseases have risen sharply in Hungary reaching more than 1 billion euros annually.

The campaign runs as the cooperation among doctors' and patients' associations, healthy care public administration institutions and responsible corporations. Our agency has been working on this campaign for the third consecutive year now.


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