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Leading Lady On Stage

The mission statement tells everything about why we are launching Leading Lady agency:

Women - we are the greatest and most influential minority. The most active and most interactive target group. We are everywhere; we decide, we spend. With our choices, preferences, we are key players of the society, the economy and the whole country. We build carreer and become leaders. We test the services and the products. our agency present a unique range of services that offers the opportunity to understand, reach and convince women. We offer solutions that support the sale of products and services of our clients and thereby we contribute to boosting revenues, increasing client satisfaction, reinforcing brand loyalty and bolstering a positive corporate image. We help female leaders to realize their carreer potentials and reach the position in the media that they deserve.

Women In Focus. Tailored and integrated communications services from traditional PR through social media and graphic design to viral marketing solutions - all from one agency.


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