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FjällrävenVándortúra invites trekking and nature enthusiast to explore the fabulous Mecsek region this summer

3 years - 3 locations, this could be the new motto of the community trekking event organized by the Swedish trekking equipment manufacturer Fjällräven, as from now on nature and outdoor lovers will be able to discover three of Hungary's most beautiful and diverse landscapes during the Fjällräven Vándortúra, in three-year cycles: in 2023 the Mecsek, in 2024 the Bükk, in 2025 the Balaton and then again the mountains.

This year, Fjällräven's trekking event will take place through the heart of the Mecsek for the first time. Participants will cover 74 kilometers through mountains and valleys in 4 days. Following the tradition of the original Fjällräven Classic from Sweden, trekkers carry all their equipment in their backpacks and spend the night in their tents at the designated campsites. Although the hikers cover 17-19 kilometers a day, Fjällräven Vándortúra is not a performance trek, but a community experience of like-minded Outdoor fans and nature enthusiast.

"Fjällräven goal is to help and inspire more people to an active Outdoor Life and reconnect with nature. Although thousands of people travel to Classics in Sweden, we wanted to open the Classic concept and introduce more people to the Fjällräven way of trekking: with all you need on your back, in good company and respecting nature. We continue to educate trekkers about caring for the environment while hosting them on a challenging and rewarding journey through the nature. Three different landscapes in three years, that's what Fjällräven Vándortúra provides: in 2023 we'll be targeting the Mecsek, then in 2024 the Bükk and in 2025 the Lake Balaton again. This year, we will cover the best of the 335 km2 of the Mecsek mountains in 4 days. Starting from Váralja in the northeast, passing through the fabulous Óbányai Valley, we will hike to the highest peak on the first day, go up Zengő and then head towards to the west part of the Mecsek. On our way, we wouldn't miss the Melegmányi Valley, a real treasure for those who want to get away from the built environment.However, hiking is not about leaving the kilometers behind; it is also about admiring the features of the beautiful landscape, such as the fragrant hunyor, which can make the section to Tubes even easier. But beyond the stunning valleys, peaks, and structures, the Mecsek also offers more to see and experience.” – said Sanela Krisat, Organizer of Fjällräven Vándortúra.

During the day, participants walk the day's route at their own pace, but at the end of the days spent in nature, everyone gather in the evenings at the same campsite, which is a great way to wind down the day's trek together. Conversations around the campfire, having dinners together and various evening activities offer a great way to recharge your batteries before the next day, but it's also easy to make new friends and acquaintances, as the collective experience of hiking brings people closer together.

"Last year was my second Vándortúra, but I recommend this unique programme to those who have no experience in longer hiking routes. The youngest member of the field was 14 last year, and the oldest 75, which shows that even those of average fitness can take on this Event. At the end of the day's stages, we had hot showers and fresh local food, and the evening camp atmosphere was always great, with friendly chats and big laughs. I was completely turned off by the fact that I was trekking with trekkers like me in some of the most beautiful countryside in Hungary. And the final highlight of my trekking experience was the farewell party and concert on the last night." – said Tamás Ézsiás from Mondolo Association, who took part in the Fjällräven Vándortúra in 2019 and 2022.

As the aim of Fjällräven Vándortúra is to inspire people for an active outdoor life with fun, safety and without leaving any trace through Mecsek region. The Swedish outdoor brand is offering the Trekking tour, which will take place between 27 and 30 August 2023, to both young and old. Learn more about this epic trek where you will find out about protecting the nature while hiking through amazing terrain.

Further information and application:

Starbucks Hungary held its fifth poetry competition, the winners of which were announced on the Hungarian Poetry Day. This year's theme of the Starbucks Coffee Poets competition was Nature. Among the nearly 200 applications received, the members of the professional jury, Lili Hanna Seres, István Pion and Bence Csalár, selected the five finalists, who performed their poems in front of an enthusiastic audience at an event in The Workshop. The winner was Flóra Pászthy-Lénárt, who, in addition to professional recognition and a valuable gift package, can also participate in the 2023 literary summer camp of the Young Writers' Association (FISZ).

Starting in March 2023, FLOW PR will be responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for one of the largest companies of the animal health market. The project covers the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, and Hungary.

MSD Animal Health is an affiliate of the US-based global pharmaceutical company Merck Sharpe & Dohme and has been one of the most dominant players in the veterinary pharmaceutical market for many years. The company offers vaccines, anti-parasitic products, and other innovative animal health products and services.

The collaboration between MSD Animal Health and FLOW PR began in early 2016 when the agency was commissioned to support the company's online communications in Hungary.

MSD Animal Health launched its global POFT campaign in 2020 with the aim of raising awareness about the risks to companion animal health posed by seasonal change, which are due to the warmer autumn and winter months and generally higher temperatures. As part of this initiative, owners and veterinarians can access further useful information at to ensure adequate protection for their dogs and cats throughout the year. FLOW PR implemented the POFT campaign in Hungary and Romania, and also launched the Kisállatorvos podcast, where listeners can learn about protection against parasites, the importance of vaccination, healthy feeding and grooming of pets from guest veterinarians - everything a responsible pet owner needs to know. The first season is available on all popular platforms.

In 2023, MSD Animal Health has entrusted FLOW PR with regional communication tasks for its companion animal business unit. This makes FLOW PR the lead agency in five countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary. The assignment includes designing strategies for local social media pages, managing content, producing content for the company's websites, as well as coordinating the work of partner agencies.

"Education on pet ownership and spreading scientifically and professionally credible information are of paramount importance to us as one of the major animal health companies in the region. We would like to further strengthen this activity in a coordinated way, taking into account the specificities of the region and local regulations," said Anita Mohos, MSD Animal Health's Regional Marketing Campaign Manager for Central Europe.

„As a Hungarian agency, we are proud to have the opportunity to organize another regional campaign. Since 2015, it has been a part of our growth strategy to win more cross-border assignments as a leading agency. It is especially gratifying to have earned the trust of MSD Animal Health, as this is the second time we have been awarded this task, now with an expanded geographical area," said Krisztián Szabados, Managing Director of the agency.

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