Adrien Brody partners with Johnnie Walker to push the boundaries for positive change in Hungary

Johnnie Walker, the most widely distributed Scotch whisky in the world entrusted us to launch its new campaign in Hungary. The new campaign, THE WALKERS, is transforming the famous KEEP WALKING into a rallying cry for collective progress. “The world needs progress now more than ever and we can achieve that together” is the brand’s conviction. The campaign's most special feature is when Adrien Brody cheers the Hungarian audience in our native language as he says "Egészségedre!" in the commercial.

TIER, Europe's leading shared micro-mobility provider, is launching an e-scooter-sharing service in Budapest with 150 electric vehicles. The German company brings its most advanced, next-generation “TIER V” e-scooters to the Hungarian capital, specially optimised for road conditions in European cities. Thanks to swappable battery technology, the e-scooters' batteries can be changed by TIER’s local team directly on site, thus significantly reducing travel distances, and ensuring the climate neutrality of the scooter sharing system. Our client presented its sustainable solutions to journalists and influencers at an interactive press conference hosted by the popular stand-up comedian Gergely Litkai.

Journalists and influencers were invited to the event by a funny, memorable video, in which Gergely Litkai presented the challenges of Budapest's traffic and how the use of e-scooter sharing can make the everyday life of the capital's citizens easier.

Participants were able to try out TIER's e-rollers on site and learn the secrets of making a florarium in a workshop.

Food order is delivered by electric jetskis to those sailing in the middle of Lake Balaton.

DoDo, a provider of artificial intelligence-based logistics solutions, has tested its new waterborne food delivery service on Lake Balaton. Food orders were delivered from restaurants along the shore to the sailing boats in an environmentally friendly way using Narke's zero-emission electric jet, the world's first electric jet ski.

Without having to go to the harbour, sailors who tried the water delivery service, launched by DoDo in test operation this weekend, could pick up their food orders in the middle of Lake Balaton. The Czech startup was looking for a partner to implement the pilot project, which could provide an environmentally friendly solution for order delivery. In addition to the company's strict sustainability requirements, this is also essential to protect Lake Balaton. DoDo chose Narke, the developer of the world's first electrojet designed for mass production. The Hungarian company, founded on the shores of Lake Balaton, is committed to protecting the lake and its wildlife, and their next-generation, all-electric Cyberjet is zero-emission and does not pollute the air or water.