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New Investigation Helps Victims of Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin Scandal Regain Some Of Their Lost Investments

Competitive Corporate Intelligence AG (CCI) has recently conducted a thorough investigation into the Mt. Gox bankruptcy case which, according to initial declarations, has left thousands of investors losing over 850,000 bitcoins, worth roughly USD 474 million. The most popular bitcoin currency exchange market halted its operation on 7 February, after...

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Hungarian Journalists Use Facebook, Write Blogs

FLOW PR’s newest survey has revealed that Facebook has become a tool of work for journalists in Hungary. Even though they have doubts regarding the credibility of the site, Facebook is getting used more often as a source of news. One of the most conspicuous changes is the rate of...

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Award-winning Duolingo Launched In Hungary

Duolingo chose FLOW PR to launch its service in Hungary. Duolingo is the #1 way to learn a language online and the only free platform available. It was selected by Apple as their “app of the year” for 2013 and by Google as “Best of the Best,” and has acquired...

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FLOWPR.HU is the registered domain of Splendidea Communications Ltd. We offer integrated and cost-effective communications services that genuinely pay off: they promote the sale of products and services and thereby contribute to boosting revenues, increase client satisfaction, reinforce brand loyalty and bolster a positive company...

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