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Olympic Medalists Announce Winners of Szentkirályi Talent Programme

The young talents of speed skating and figure skating were awarded at the first Winter Szentkirály Talent Programme, organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Olympic Committee. The selection of young talents was made with the participation of the top speed skaters of the country, Beijing Olympic gold and bronze medallist Liu Shaoang and bronze medallist Sándor Liu Shaolin. With the support, the young winners will be one step closer to following in the footsteps of the Liu brothers and increasing the number of gold medals won by our country at the Winter Olympics.

Szentkirályi Mineral Water has been committed to promoting a health-conscious and active lifestyle for many years. As the next step in its support of the national sporting scene and youth education, the award-winning mineral water brand has rewarded for the first time the winter sports hopefuls as a part of the winter edition of the Szentkirályi Talent Programme. The initiative, which is supported by the Hungarian Olympic Committee, offers a prize of one million HUF per head to help young people advance their sporting careers.


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