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Fjällräven Reveals its New Fall/Winter Collection

Fjällräven presented latest Autumn-Winter collection to journalists and influencers at Normafa Event Centre, a location close to the nature and to the highest point of Budapest.

At the press event, which was planned and organised by FLOW PR and included a fashion show, participants had the opportunity to try on the new garments.

Wool is at the heart of the new collection, therefore a presentation by a textile expert from the Metropolitan University Budapest was part of the programme.

Fjällräven has launched a new platform called Kånken Me to offer Kånken fans the opportunity to be creative and personalize their very own Kånken even more, to reflect their colourful personality, match it with their favourite jacket, or just improvise. With 14 colour choices and 15 customizable parts the online configurator offers over 100.000 billion of possible combinations making it almost impossible to meet someone else with the same Kånken. With a shareable link Kånken Me can even be co-created with friends. The new platform was presented to guests on a giant touch screen, who were able to create their own colour schemes.

Natural materials have always been the preferred choice for Fjällräven when developing products. Wool, one of the oldest natural materials, is also one of the most functional. A sophisticated natural fibre, it is arguably one of nature’s most technical materials, outperforming many “high-tech” manmade fibres.

Fjällräven Head of Innovation Erik Blomberg explains: “The properties of wool suit the different needs we nor mally have for making materials that are used outdoors. Those needs are often keeping the user dry, warm, and comfortable. Wool is excellent at satisfying all of those needs”. Wool is excellent at insulating in cold and wet condi tions for two reasons. First, the fibres and yarn are bulky, which traps air. The second is that wool is hydrophobic on its surface, which means that water does not stick to it.

A tightly-woven wool also sheds water to some degree. Furthermore, it can collect water as vapour inside, rather than on its surface like a synthetic. When it is used as mid layer, the wool acts as a buffer, storing some of the moist air and keeping it away from the user. Blomberg also adds that, “A bonus feature is that since wool stores moisture inside the fibre, away from air, there is no opportunity for bacteria to grow. Wool garments are therefore odour resistant without the need of added chemicals".


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