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Survey: Usage of Smart Mobile Devices Among Journalists

More than the four fifth of the journalists own the smartphone. Compared to the smartphones, the tablets are less popular: only one third of Them have one. More than half of the journalists using a smartphone bought it at Least 2 years ago, one fourth of Them During last year. The two third of the journalist owning a tablet bought it more than a year ago.

Only one fifth of the journalists having none of Them plan to buy one in the near future. More urgently journalists plan to buy a tablet than a smartphone: in the case of the former one, people would like to purchase it within six months, while in the case of the Latter one, They Said They could wait a year bottom. 6% of the journalists do not have a smartphone and do not plan to even to buy one. Every second journalist THINKS harm he or she will not need a tablet in the long term.

Operation systems, applications The two third of the journalists have a mobile device runs Android harm. One fourth of the Respondents' use iPhone, iPad and one third use as a tablet. The penetration of the additional operation systems are quite low: 5% of Windows Phone, Blackberry 3%. The Majority of the Respondents have mobile internet subscription, but one out of 10 can only use Their device via wi-fi. Journalists do not like downloading too many applications: Considering Both smartphones and tablets, and 40% of Them have downloaded less than 11 applications . Two third of the journalists downloaded more then 20 applications onto Their smarphone - in the case of the tablets it is also Slightly lower.

Usage of the functions of the smartphones The most popular function is reading and writing an e-mail Which is more popular than making phone calls. Reading news is Also popular: Almost every read daily or weekly news journalists on Their device. Making phone calls Almost 90% of the journalists Their use device. 85% of the journalists reach via social media sites Frequently Their phone. Two third of the Respondents Their use device to collect information while writing an article and so is the rate of daily or weekly Those who view photos on Their smartphone. Even thought two third of the journalists take photos with similar frequency, only 40% of THEMIS THEMIS share on the internet. Only a little bit more than the half of the journalists send text messages daily. . It can be due to the mobile Internet subscriptions The Least popular function is reading the QR code: the 83% of the journalists Said They Rarely or never use this function. Considering the purpose of the usage of the devices, there is a Significant difference Between the smartphones and tablets tha: while the journalists now use the former mostly for Work Purposes, only the half of Them use for the Latter private Purposes.

Interesting facts about using a smartphone Journalists can not clearcoat Their smartphone to even for the day. More than 90% of Them If They would go back home they'll realize military left it at home. Most of Them harm the state device has become the essential tool for work and hurt THEM Their work makes it Easier. Four fifth of Them Their use device to check emails When Their They are not at the computer. The parallel media Consuming Affects the two third of the journalists: They Their use mobile devices to browse the Internet, keep in touch with friends, ETV. while watching TV. . More than half of the journalists Their phone use in the mornings Even before getting out of the bed the cloud services are quite popular among journalist: more than half of Them use this kind of service - third of Them every day.


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