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Our people are highly-experienced and creative professionals who believe in the power of communication. We employ a large staff, 42 co-workers, thus we can fulfill the tasks delegated by our clients under deadline and according to professional standards at all times. All our associates are registered employees, whose taxes and contributions are being paid. We do not work with false self-employees or freelancers.

  • KrisztĂĄn Szabados


  • PR and communications expert. He has been working with us since 2004, managing several successful communications programmes. He is also responsible for strategy and business development. Since September 2011 he has been teaching at PĂŠter PĂĄzmĂĄny Catholic University.

    Botond Sajti

    Managing Partner

  • PR and communications expert, since 2005 has been working for FLOW PR, since 2010 as deputy director. She gained proficiency in the fields of institutional communications and in business communications consultancy.

    Zita Hella Varga

    Deputy Managing Director

  • Psycholgist, has been working for FLOW PR since 2007. She is specialized in communications, organization development and HR management.

    BorbĂĄla TĂłth-Zsiga

    Head of Operations

  • His tasks include coordinating all social media services for our clients, designing marketing campaigns, managing the team of graphic designers, as well as managing online and digital developments. He is a member of the FLOW PR team since 2011.

    Ákos Berkes

    Creative director

  • PR and communication expert, economist. Worked as a journalist at TV2 and HĂ­rszerző. Experienced in the field of financial, crisis communication, and political-economy communication.

    AndrĂĄs MĂĄthĂŠ

    Senior Account Manager

  • PR, communications and city marketing expert, studied political science. She has been working for FLOW PR since 2010, specialized in consumer and corporate communications, as well as enviromental and green PR.

    Zsuzsa PolyĂĄk

    Senior Account Manager

  • Communication expert. Worked as a journalist at Geomedia Publishing Ltd. (VasĂĄrnapi HĂ­rek, Szabad FĂśld). Has been working at Flow PR since 2014 and gained experience in the field of financial and banking PR, internal communication and CSR.

    Orsolya Kiss

    Senior Account Manager

  • Communication expert, previously working for Nők Lapja and Figyelő as a journalist. Since 2015 she has been working at Flow PR, mainly on projects of healthcare companies, including consulting, creative content managing and event organizing as well.

    Szilvia Richter

    Senior Account Manager

  • PR and communication experts, she has been working at FLOW PR since 2014 and she gained experience in financial communication and event organizing.

    Szilvia VajnĂĄgi

    PR Consultant